3rd December 2019


What does Taylor's theorem do?

In calculus, Taylor's theorem gives an approximation of a k-times differentiable function around a given point by a k-th order Taylor polynomial. The exact content of "Taylor's theorem" is not universally agreed upon.

Besides, why do we use Taylor series?

It is a series that is used to create an estimate (guess) of what a function looks like. There is also a special kind of Taylor series called a Maclaurin series. In mathematics, a Taylor series shows a function as the sum of an infinite series. The sum's terms are taken from the function's derivatives.

What is the Taylor series for?

In mathematics, a Taylor series is a representation of a function as an infinite sum of terms that are calculated from the values of the function's derivatives at a single point. A function can be approximated by using a finite number of terms of its Taylor series.
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