4th October 2019


What does SVV mean?

stroke volume variation

Simply so, what is the normal range for Lvedp?

in most patients this estimates LVEDP thus is an indicator of LVEDV (preload of the left ventricle) normally 6-12mmHg (1-5mmHg less than the pulmonary artery diastolic pressure) PCWP >18 mmHg in the context of normal oncotic pressure suggests left heart failure.

What is the normal range for cardiac output?

Stroke volume is determined by preload, contractility, and afterload. The normal range for cardiac output is about 4 to 8 L/min, but it can vary depending on the body's metabolic needs. Cardiac output is important because it predicts oxygen delivery to cells.

What is a normal svo2?

SvO2: mixed venous saturation SaO2: arterial oxygen saturation VO2: oxygen consumption Hg: hemoglobin. Q: cardiac output. From this equation, one can see that SvO2 varies directly with SaO2, Hg, cardiac output and inversely with VO2. The normal SvO2 is 65-75%, which denotes tissue oxygen extraction to be 25-35%.
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