What does ROP in advertising stand for?

Most likely, you'll be responsible for selling your advertisers into at least a few of these. Your primary product is most likely called ROP, meaning "run of paper" or "run of press" and consists of the main section of the newspaper, with the exclusion of the classified section.

What is ROP in printing?

Run of Press ads are those placed in the actual pages of the newspaper, but the advertiser gives the publisher full choice of where they run. Basically, wherever space allows. The main benefit of ROP ads is they can cost quite a bit less than other print ads.
  • What does ROP mean in school?

    The Regional Occupational Program offers a wide variety of career classes for high school students and adults in the county. These classes are intended for anyone seeking a new career, a career focus, or upgrading of current skills. ROP provides courses in the following Pathways: Arts & Communications.
  • What is the set up cost?

    Setup cost is the cost incurred to get equipment ready to process a different batch of goods. Hence, setup cost is regarded as a batch-level cost in activity based costing. The greater cost of setup is the lost opportunity of manufacturing profitable output while the machine is idled during the setup time.
  • What is the cost of inventory?

    The cost of holding goods in stock. Expressed usually as a percentage of the inventory value, it includes capital, warehousing, depreciation, insurance, taxation, obsolescence, and shrinkage costs.

What does DPS stands for in advertising?

Double Page Spread

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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