What does OBC stand for in Roblox?

The company's main source of revenue comes from the "Builders Club" virtual benefits, in which users who have created an account may purchase either Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, or Outrageous Builders Club, otherwise known by users as BC, TBC, and OBC, respectively.

What is the meaning of OBC bank?

Outward Bills for Collection. Share via FB. The handling of domestic sales and export documents, which are presented to the Bank by the seller/exporter to collect payment from a buyer through buyer's bank. Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)
  • What is an outward bill of collection?

    Outward Bills for Collection (OBC) is the handling of domestic sales and export documents, which are presented to the Bank by the seller to collect payment from the buyer through the buyer's bank.
  • What is a clean collection?

    Clean collection means the collection business of financial documents without any commercial documents as entrusted by the customer of Bank of China. Functions. It is used for international trade settlement in two forms: documents against payment (D/P) and documents against acceptance (D/A). Features.
  • What is foreign bill discounting?

    Foreign Bills Purchased/Discounted. Share via FB. A facility granted by the Bank to its customers (exporters) in which the Bank purchases, with recourse, a customer's sight export documents or discounts usance export documents.

What does OBC mean on a cruise?

Relax, we don't mean the whole cruise line. Buying a few stocks and shares though does entitle you to some extra on-board credit whenever you book. The www.CRUISE.co.uk teams top 'stock' tip would be Carnival shares. If you buy Carnival Corporation PLC stocks you can then get extra OBC along all their brands!
  • Do Disney cruise ships have WIFI?

    All ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet have WiFi. You'll be able to use it in your stateroom as well as the many hot spots throughout each ship. There is a charge that will be applied to your stateroom account.
  • Can you text in Airplane mode with wifi?

    Putting your phone into airplane mode turns off all its antennae - cellular, wifi, bluetooth, GPS. If you're in airplane mode, but have a wifi connection, you can send non-SMS texts over the wifi connection, using iMessage on an iPhone or various other messaging apps (WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Can you still get calls on airplane mode?

    One way to help avoid the extra roaming fees is to activate airplane mode on your iPhone and only use Wi-Fi hot spots while you travel. You won't receive text messages or phone calls, but you will still be able to check your email, use messaging apps, and browse the Internet over a Wi-Fi-only connection.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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