2nd October 2019


What does lid stands for?

LIDLow Impact Development
LIDLocal Improvement District
LIDLewica I Demokraci (Polish center-left political coalition)
LIDLost in the Desert (slang; Ft. Irwin, California)

In respect to this, when was the mason jar invented?


Why is there a hole in my coffee lid?

This is because air must get into the container to replace the liquid that's being poured out, and there's only one hole for liquid to exit and air to enter. Instead, drinking coffee through a plastic drink lid is a pleasant experience, because that tiny hole allows air to enter the container as the liquid leaves it.

What are coffee cup lids made of?

Plastic lid: Coffee cup lids are made of plastic #6, also known as polystyrene and known to leach styrene, the newest member on the US List of Carcinogens. A better alternative is using a silicone or BPA-free lid that can be used repeatedly.
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