20th October 2018


What does it mean when the rate of change is a negative number?

A negative velocity does not mean that you are slowing down! It just means that you are moving in a negative direction. A positive rate of change means that the quantity you are measuring is increasing over time, and a negative rate of change means that it is decreasing over time.

Beside this, what is the meaning of a negative slope?

Definition of Negative Slope Lines. A line with a negative slope is a line that is trending downward from left to right. In other words, the line's rise to run ratio is a negative value.

What does a negative slope in a regression mean?

This is called a positive correlation. When the slope of the regression line is negative (meaning that the value of b is negative) the value of y decreases as x increases. The strength of these relationships is given by the correlation coefficient (r) which can be calculated.

What is the definition of a positive slope?

Slope is simply how much the graph of a line changes in the vertical direction over a change in the horizontal direction. Because of this, the slope is sometimes referred to as the rate of change. Slopes can be positive or negative. A positive slope moves upward on a graph from left to right.
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