25th November 2019


What does it mean when the distribution of data is skewed to the right?

Positive Skew. And positive skew is when the long tail is on the positive side of the peak, and some people say it is "skewed to the right". The mean is on the right of the peak value.

Likewise, what is meant by skewed distribution?

A distribution is skewed if one of its tails is longer than the other. The first distribution shown has a positive skew. This means that it has a long tail in the positive direction. The distribution below it has a negative skew since it has a long tail in the negative direction.

What does it mean when the distribution is skewed to the left?

For a right skewed distribution, the mean is typically greater than the median. Also notice that the tail of the distribution on the right hand (positive) side is longer than on the left hand side.
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