11th December 2019


What does it mean when a scope is 4x32?

ANSWER: These are the numbers before the x. For example 4x32 is a 4power magnification, meaning items viewed through the scope are 4x their size. Or, the 4-16x56 is a variable power scope, with adjustable magnification from 4x to 16x. Low power riflescopes are ideal at close range and for shooting moving targets.

Similarly one may ask, what does the x50 mean on a scope?

When people talk about scopes they say 3x9x40 what does each one of this numbers mean exactly. 0 0. 11 answers. The 3 is the lowest amount of magnification possible and the 9 is the highest amount possible and the 40 is the diameter of the scope measured in millimeters.

What does a 3 9x32 scope mean?

3-9x32 means the objective lens at the front of the scope is 32mm in diameter and the scope is variable power with a magnification range adjustable from 3 time to 9 times normal.

What is 1x magnification in a scope?

With a low magnification scope, the shooter can simply bring the rifle to eye level and fire. Many low power scopes are equipped with an illuminated reticle or red dot, which help land quick shots at close range. Recently, optics sporting a “true” 1x (no magnification) low end are all the rage.
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