3rd September 2018


What does int 80h do?

On the Intel family of microprocessors, such as the Pentium, int 80h is the assembly language op code for interrupt 80h . This is the syscall interrupt on a typical Intel-based Unix system, such as FreeBSD. It allows application programmers to obtain system services from the Unix kernel.

Similarly, what is the system calls?

A system call, sometimes referred to as a kernel call, is a request in a Unix-like operating system made via a software interrupt by an active process for a service performed by the kernel. A process (also frequently referred to as a task) is an executing (i.e., running) instance of a program.

What does Syscall do in MIPS?

The syscall is used to request a service from the kernel. For MIPS, the service number/code must be passed in $v0 and arguments are passed in a few of the other designated registers. For example, to print we might do: li $v0, 1 add $a0, $t0, $zero syscall. In this case, 1 is the service code for print integer.

What is RESB?

RESB and Friends: Declaring Uninitialized Data. RESB , RESW , RESD , RESQ , REST , RESDQ , and RESO are designed to be used in the BSS section of a module: they declare uninitialised storage space. Each takes a single operand, which is the number of bytes, words, doublewords or whatever to reserve.
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