28th November 2019


What does Ike mean in Hawaiian?

'Ike is the Hawaiian word for knowledge. Keep Alaka'i in mind as the value of leadership. Aloha 'āina. A very old concept in Hawaii meaning love of the land, and considered to include the whole of our environment, i.e. land, ocean, atmosphere. Also used for the love of one's country and patriotism.

Also question is, what does lke stand for?

LKELike Kind Exchange (IRS)
LKESeattle, WA, USA - Lake Union Sea Plane Base (Airport Code)
LKELockheed Khrunichev Energia (international venture)
LKELocal Kinetic Energy

What is the name Ike short for?

Diminutive of ISAAC. This was the nickname of the American president Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), based on the initial sound of his surname.
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