16th June 2020


What does Hecho en China mean?

Here are the top 10 products manufactured in China:
  • Personal Computers. The ease of accessing information is due to the near ubiquity of personal computing power in first world countries.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • Solar Cells.
  • Air Conditioners.
  • Shoes.
  • Cement.
  • Energy-Saving Lamps.
  • Ships.

Beside this, how do you use hecho in Spanish?

It can also be used as an adjective; for example, on clothing tags, you might see "Hecho en China," It's the past participle conjugation of hacer (to do or to make). The present perfect expresses a verb that has or hasn't been done, and that there is still time to do (or do again) in the future.

Secondly, how do you say facts in Spanish?

n 1 (information) hecho m; hard facts hechos innegables; the facts of life el misterio de la vida; to know something for a fact saber algo a ciencia cierta; as a matter of fact de hecho; facts and figures datos mpl y cifras fpl. 2 (reality, truth) realidad f.

What dies el mundo mean?

In Spain, they speak Spanish, but El Mundo is also the name of a big newspaper. The word translates to 'The World'. It's an expression meaning everything around us.

What tense is hecho in Spanish?

Present Perfect of Hacer
Subject PronounsHacer Conjugation: Present PerfectTranslation
él/ella/ustedha hechohe/she has done/made - you (formal) have done/made
nosotros/ashemos hechowe have done/made
vosotros/ashabéis hechoyou all have done/made
ellos/ellas/ustedeshan hechothey/you all (formal) have done/made
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