22nd September 2018


What does Google home mini do?

The Home Mini basically does everything the full-sized Google Home does, just in a smaller package with a much smaller speaker. It'll answer questions, set timers and alarms, play music, read the news or information from the web, and control a relatively large collection of smart home devices such as Hue lights.

In this manner, can you use Google home to call 911?

You can't call 911 on Alexa, but there is an app to call a buddy for help. LOS ANGELES — Ask Alexa to call 911 and you won't get very far. Say "OK Google, call the police," and you get, "I can't make calls yet." But these are early days for home personal assistants.

Can I use Alexa to make a phone call?

Instead of drying your hands and picking up the phone, you can now ask Amazon to call any other Alexa user — like your brother. Alexa users who own an Echo, or who have the app installed on their iOS or Android smartphone, can now call or message one another for free.
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