28th November 2019


What does compression deformity mean?

Compression Fracture Definition. Vertebral compression fractures result when the bone tissue of the vertebral body collapses. Save. Watch: Spinal Compression Fracture Video. The condition is most often caused by osteoporosis and may be caused by trauma to the back, such as a fall or vehicular accident.

Moreover, what is a compression deformity?

The type of fracture in the spine that is typically caused by osteoporosis is generally referred to as a compression fracture. A compression fracture is usually defined as a vertebral bone in the spine that has decreased at least 15 to 20% in height due to fracture. Save. Watch: Spinal Compression Fracture Video.

What are the symptoms of arthritis of the spine?

Additional symptoms of arthritis of the spine include:
  • Back pain that comes and goes.
  • Spinal stiffness in the morning after getting out of bed or after activity; this pain decreases with rest or, for some, after exercise.
  • Pain, tenderness or numbness in the neck, if nerve compression is involved.

What is a spinal deformity?

Spine deformity can happen when unnatural curvature occurs, as in scoliosis (side-to-side curvature) or kyphosis and Scheuermann's disease (front-to-back curvature). It also occurs due to defect (e.g. spondylolisthesis) or damage to the spine (if there are multiple fractures or ankylosing spondylitis).
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