21st October 2019


What does co2 do to heat in the atmosphere?

The mechanism by which carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere is commonly referred to as the "greenhouse effect." Stated very simply, carbon dioxide, or CO2, is nearly transparent to the solar radiation emitted from the sun, but partially opaque to the thermal radiation emitted by the earth.

Likewise, people ask, how does carbon dioxide affect the temperature of the atmosphere?

As the human population grows, the burning of fossil fuels increases evolving carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is believed to blanket the atmosphere and trap the heat causing the Earth's surface to become insulated and causing temperatures to rise.

What happens to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Carbon moves from living things to the atmosphere. Each time you exhale, you are releasing carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into the atmosphere. Animals and plants get rid of carbon dioxide gas through a process called respiration. Carbon moves from fossil fuels to the atmosphere when fuels are burned.

What happens if there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

What will happen if carbon dioxide levels become too high? This is unknown, but many scientists believe that there is a possibility that the Earth's temperature will rise, causing many unpredictable effects. Earth's sister planet Venus is a good example of what happens when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air.
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