What does cl2 stand for in chemistry?

Chlorine is called Cl2 because it is a diatomic molecule. Diatomic means there are two atoms of the same elements in the molecule. There are other diatomic molecule, such as hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), fluorine (F2), chlorine (Cl2), bromine (Br2), iodine (I2). The chemical symbol of chlorine is only Cl.

What is the chemical name of chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. The second-lightest of the halogens, it appears between fluorine and bromine in the periodic table and its properties are mostly intermediate between them. Chlorine is a yellow-green gas at room temperature.
  • Where chlorine is found?

    Chlorine can be found in abundance in both the Earth's crust and in ocean water. In the ocean, chlorine is found as part of the compound sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as table salt. In the Earth's crust, the most common minerals containing chlorine include halite (NaCl), carnallite, and sylvite (KCl).
  • Is cl2 an element or a compound?

    All of them exist as diatomic molecules. All compounds are molecules but not all molecules are compounds. A compound consists of atoms or ions of two or more different elements in definite proportions joined by chemical bonds into a molecule. Since Cl2 only consists of chlorine atoms, it's a molecule.
  • Is Cl A gas or liquid?

    At room temperature and pressure, chlorine is a gas. It's a gas because chlorine (Cl2) does not have strong enough inter-molecular interactions to keep the molecular closely packed together to be a solid or even a liquid.

What is the structure of chlorine?

to get a full outer shell and form a stable Cl2 molecule. in a chlorine molecule. Chlorine is a simple molecule. each chlorine atom can count 8 electrons in its outer shell.
  • Is chlorine gas liquid or solid?

    Elements can be classified based on their physical states (States of Matter) e.g. gas, solid or liquid. This element is a gas. The halogens exist, at room temperature, in all three states of matter - Gases such as Fluorine & Chlorine, Solids such as Iodine and Astatine and Liquid as in Bromine.
  • Is chlorine gas flammable?

    The strong smell may provide adequate warning to people that they are exposed. Chlorine gas appears to be yellow-green in color. Chlorine itself is not flammable, but it can react explosively or form explosive compounds with other chemicals such as turpentine and ammonia.
  • What does the element chlorine look like?

    Chlorine as an element is a pale green, poisonous gas with a suffocating odor. Chlorine as a chemical cleaner (in a solution with water) is a liquid, which is colorless with little odor, and a distinctly chemical taste.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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