2nd October 2019


What does CGB stand for?

CGBCertified Graduate Builder (professional builder designation)
CGBCommissie Gelijke Behandeling (Dutch: Equal Treatment Commission; Netherlands)
CGBConsumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
CGBGame Boy Color (known as CGB in development)

Thereof, what is double compression cable gland?

? Double compression glands provide extra support to the heavy armored cables entering or exiting the panel while. single compression glands are used for light armored cables. ? Normal Cable Gland is also called Single Compression Cable Gland.

What is the use of cable lugs?

Cable lugs, also referred to as Cable terminal ends or cable shoes are electrical supplies utilized to securely connect or terminate cables to electrical devices, power or control panels, junction boxes, equipments and machineries. These lugs are often used to join power cables together as well.

What is a compression gland?

A compression seal fitting, also known as a sealing gland, is intended to seal some type of element (probe, wire, conductor, pipe, tube, fiber optic cable, etc.) when the element must pass through a pressure or environmental boundary.
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