25th November 2019


What does Avada Kedavra mean in Latin?

ACCIO- The latin word accio means "I call" or "I summon". AVADA KEDAVRA- I means "I destroy as I speak", contrary to the Aramaic word abracadabra, which means,"I create as I speak". CRUCIO- Cruciatis takes its meaning from the Latin word which means "pain" or "torture".

Accordingly, what does expelliarmus mean in Latin?

Expelliarmus. A disarming charm. The word is a combination of the Latin expellere, meaning 'to drive or force out', and arma, meaning weapon.

What is the name of the spell that Snape used to heal Draco?

Vulnera Sanentur was the song-like incantation of a healing spell and counter-curse to the Sectumsempra Spell, both of which were invented by Professor Severus Snape under his alias of "Half-Blood Prince".

What does alohomora mean in Latin?

Accio: Latin, means to call or to summon. Aguamenti: comes from the Latin words 'aqua' (meaning water) and 'mentis' (meaning mind) Alastor: Greek, was the god of revenge. Albus: Latin, means white. Alohomora: comes from the Hawaiian word 'aloha' (meaning hello/goodbye) and the Latin word 'mora' (meaning obstacle)
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