28th November 2019


What does a low alkaline phosphatase result mean?

Having lower than normal ALP levels in your blood is rare, but can indicate malnutrition, which could be caused by celiac disease or a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals.

Besides, what does it mean when your alkaline phosphatase is low?

A deficiency in zinc may cause decreased levels. A rare genetic disorder of bone metabolism called hypophosphatasia can cause severe, protracted low levels of ALP. Malnutrition or protein deficiency as well as Wilson disease could also be possible causes for lowered ALP.

How do you raise your alkaline phosphatase?

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  1. Zinc-Rich Foods. Eat zinc-rich foods like chicken and cashews.
  2. Fats and Oils. Corn and coconut oil can elevate blood levels of ALP.
  3. Foods High in Phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential to the human body.
  4. B-12 Rich Foods. Vitamin B-12 rich foods include clams, beef and eggs.
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