18th November 2019


What does a CPU do in a game?

Certain games have the CPU do more tasks as well. It stores these textures in its VRAM, and does these calculations faster because the CPU is a general purpose computing device. The GPU is designed to do graphics calculations, and VRAM is faster than RAM, so it's calculations can be, and generally are, faster.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does CPU stand for and what is its function?

central processing unit

What does CPY stand for in game?

CPYCrystal Palace Yarns (Richmond, CA)
CPYCommunist Party of Yugoslavia
CPYCommitted Partners for Youth (Eugene, OR)

Is a good processor important for gaming?

Actually, both the CPU/GPU are important, although any quad-core CPU with 8GB of system RAM should do the trick. For games specifically, the CPU is what sends draw-calls, calculates A.I., and shows any text. But it's the GPU that shows all the eye-candy (otherwise, why is it a graphics processor?).
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