12th November 2019


What does a commercial decision mean?

A commercial decision is any decision that has a commercial focus with a direct impact on business; be that financially, politically, economically, in relation to competitors or the company's own mission and aims.

In this manner, what does it mean to think commercially?

Commercial awareness is the ability to understand what makes a business or organisation successful, through either buying or selling products or supplying services to a market. This simple definition, however, masks a wide range of skills and understanding.

What does it mean to have commercial experience?

Commercial awareness is a term that refers to a candidate's general knowledge of business, their business experiences (or work experience) and, specifically, their understanding of the industry which they are applying to join.

What is commerciality definition?

commercial quality or character; ability to produce a profit: Distributors were concerned about the film's commerciality compared with last year's successful pictures.
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