3rd October 2019


What does 40x mean on a microscope?

Optical microscope magnification[ The objective lenses on a compound light microscope doess have powers that start of as 4x on the smallest power, 10x on the middle power setting and 40x on the maximum power setting. This means that the object can be magnified either, 40x, 100x or 400x.

Then, what magnification do you need to see blood cells?

Most educational-quality microscopes have a 10x (10-power magnification) eyepiece and three objectives of 4x, 10x and 40x to provide magnification levels of 40x, 100x and 400x. Magnification of 400x is the minimum needed for studying cells and cell structure.

What is the diameter of the field of view on a microscope?

Table Of Contents:
ObjectiveDiameter Of Field Of ViewMagnification (10x Ocular)
4x4.0 mm (4.45)40x
10x2.0 mm (1.78)100x
40x0.4 mm (0.45)400x
100x0.2 mm (0.178)1000x
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