16th October 2019


What does 24ms mean on a battery?

EverStart Marine Battery, Group Size 24MS. 1 year free replacement warranty with original receipt. Marine Cranking Amps: 625. (MCA) Marine Cranking Amps is a rating that defines a marine battery's ability to deliver a large amount of power for a short period of time.

Similarly, you may ask, can you use a deep cycle battery in your car?

A starting battery is generally designed to start some form of internal combustion engine (car, truck, boat etc). The warmer it is the more Cranking Amps a battery will produce. You can use a Deep Cycle battery as a starting battery provided that you take into account the lower CCA of a Deep Cycle battery.

Are deep cycle batteries AGM?

Deep-cycle includes solar electric (PV), backup power, traction, and RV and boat "house" batteries. The major construction types are flooded (wet), gelled, and sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat). All AGM & gelled are sealed and are "valve regulated", which means that a tiny valve keeps a slight positive pressure.

Are car batteries deep cycle or conventional?

Continuously using an AGM deep cycle battery in a cranking situation with a high draw out of the battery will cause damage and may shorten your battery's lifespan. This makes deep cycle batteries ideal for use in confined spaces, such as caravans or boats, unlike the conventional car battery.
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