4th September 2018


What does 1tb mean for PlayStation 4?

Sony's revamped, slimmer PlayStation 4 console now comes with more built-in storage for the same price. When introduced alongside the PS4 Pro back in September, the $299.99 PS4 Slim included a 500GB hard drive, but that's being increased to 1TB starting today.

Also know, what does 1 TB to mean?

1TB means 1 TeraByte, or rather, 1024GB. The 1TB is 524GB bigger than 500GB. The faster portion depends on the type of hard drive the two are. For example, your 500GB drive could be 4200 RPM and the 1TB could be 7200 RPM. The higher the RPM, the quicker it is.

What does 1 TB mean on Xbox one?

With 1TB of space, gamers will have more room to keep games that are several gigabytes in size on their consoles. The launch of the 1TB console also means that the previous version of Microsoft's Xbox One, featuring 500GB of storage, is now cheaper. The console has been offered at $349 as a "special" price.

What does the TB mean on the Xbox one?

For about $60 you can get a 1 TB external drive, couple it with the 500 GB internal drive and you'll have 50% more storage space than the new Xbox One has, for about $10 more. Of course this does mean having another small device in your entertainment center.
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