3rd December 2019


What does 1000 rpm mean?

RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) refers to the revolutions done by the engine per min. So, if the meter reads 6 on a 1000 scale meter, it means that the engine is running at 6000 revolutions per min. This is typically useful for starters, who are not sure when to change gears.

Similarly, what RPM does a car shift at?

At a programmed shift-point, the automatic transmission shifts to the next gear. The tachometer shows the engine is turning less RPM, in relation to the vehicle speed. For instance, engine RPM is 1,100 at 10 MPH in first gear. Shifting to second, we travel 25 MPH with the same engine speed.

What speed to shift gears?

If you have a tachometer, shift around “3" (3000 RPM) on each gear or every 15 miles per hour (1st gear 1-15 MPH, 2nd 15-30, 3rd 30-45, etc.).
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