26th November 2019


What do you mix with Ciroc?

Vodka is a neutral spirit so it will taste like anything you mix it with, just like most vodkas do. If you want a simple mixture, try it with tonic water and lime, or Vodka and your choice of any fresh juice. If you can find Ting soda, try it with Ting, which is a very refreshing grapefruit soda.

Correspondingly, what are all the flavors of Ciroc?

Types of Cîroc Vodka Available
  • Ciroc Red Berry Vodka.
  • Cîroc Coconut Vodka.
  • Cîroc Peach Vodka.
  • Cîroc Pineapple Vodka.
  • Cîroc Amaretto Vodka.

How much is a bottle of Ciroc?

Ciroc Prices
Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka750ml$29.97
Cîroc Amaretto Vodka750ml$29.97
Cîroc Pineapple Vodka750ml$29.97
Cîroc Red Berry Vodka750ml$29.97
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