What do you mean by screw you?

screw you. (vulgar) A slightly less offensive version of fuck you. You'll just lie in your bed all day rather than help us? Well, screw you. Screw you—go annoy someone else!

Why do people say screwed the pooch?

It came there from a Yale graduate named John Rawlings who helped design the astronauts' space suits. The phrase is actually a bastardization of an earlier, more vulgar and direct term which was slang for doing something very much the wrong way, as in "you are fucking the dog!"
  • What is the meaning of screw me?

    screw someone out of. Cheat, deceive, or defraud someone, as in They screwed me out of my overtime pay again. It is often rendered in the passive, be or get screwed, meaning “be cheated, deceived, or defrauded.”
  • What is a clock jitter?

    In electronics and telecommunications, jitter is the deviation from true periodicity of a presumably periodic signal, often in relation to a reference clock signal. In clock recovery applications it is called timing jitter. Jitter frequency, the more commonly quoted figure, is its inverse.
  • What is an acceptable level of jitter?

    Jitter is the irregular time delay in the sending of data packets over a network. Acceptable jitter means what we are willing to accept as the irregular fluctuations in data transfers. According to Cisco, jitter tolerance is as follows: Jitter should be below 30 ms. Packet loss shouldn't be more than 1%.

Updated: 28th September 2018

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