2nd October 2019


What do you mean by Java is a platform independent language?

You're right, platform independence means that the same program works on any platform (operating system) without needing any modification. In the case of Java the application runs in a Java Virtual Machine which itself isn't platform independent.

Keeping this in view, which language is platform dependent?

Java is platform independent because it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (jvm). There are other languages that run on jvm, all of them are of course also PI. Scala is an example.

What is platform dependent in Java?

Now you said that it is not in practice so the reason is only Java language is platform independent, but its runtime enviroment, or JVM, is platform dependent, it is written separately for each OS. So we can say the Java language is platform independent, but its runtime environment is platform dependent.

Is C is platform dependent or independent How and why?

Languages are always platform independent. No language needs you to write different code for different OS or device. It is the executables which are platform dependent or independent. Though the compiled code in platform independent languages are independent, their run time environments are not platform independent.
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