2nd October 2019


What do you mean by feeder in electrical?

In power engineering, a feeder line is part of an electric distribution network, usually a radial circuit of intermediate voltage. The concept of feeder lines is also important in public transportation. The term is particularly used in US air travel and rail transport.

What is a feeder wire?

Some local codes and/or utility companies require deeper burial of underground service conductors. USE wire can be used as main feeder, sub feeder, and branch circuit wiring. UF is stocked only in cable form and is only used as branch circuit or sub feeder wiring and must be protected by a proper sized fuse or breaker.

What is the function of a feeder pillar?

A power box (USA) or feeder pillar (UK) is a cabinet for electrical equipment, mounted in the street and controlling the electrical supply to a number of houses in a neighborhood. In the United States, they are often painted olive drab (an olive-like green color), gray or "sand", a light tan color.
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