16th October 2019


What do you feed a wild baby bunny?

Domestic eyes open at about 10 days of age. Start introducing them to timothy and oat hay, pellets and water (always add fresh greens for wild ones). 3-6 weeks: 13-15 cc/ml each feeding (two feedings–again, may be LESS depending on size of rabbit! A cottontail/brush bunny will take so much less!!

Accordingly, what do you feed a wild rabbit?

Method 1 Feeding an Adult Wild Rabbit
  1. Choose a spot in your yard to place the food.
  2. Provide the wild rabbits with grass and hay.
  3. Place pelleted rabbit food out for the wild rabbits.
  4. Give the wild rabbits fresh vegetables.
  5. Provide the wild rabbits with small amounts of fruit.

What do you feed a baby rabbit?

Baby rabbits should be fed Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) or goat milk, which you can buy at pet stores, or sometimes even a local veterinarian's office. Because rabbit milk is the most caloric of all mammals, we add in one tablespoon of 100% heavy whipping cream (no sugar) to each can of KMR.

Can you touch a baby rabbit?

With rabbits, a common myth is that if you touch a baby rabbit the mother will no longer care for it. 9 times out of 10, the mother will return to care for the babies after they have been handled. Another misconception is if you don't see the mother on the nest, she has abandoned it.
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