16th October 2019


What do you do when your child bites another child?

What to do when your preschooler bites
  1. Make sure both children are safe.
  2. Help both children.
  3. Encourage your preschooler to come to you when she's upset.
  4. Talk about what happened.
  5. Think about when and why your child bites.
  6. Watch your child closely.
  7. Stop him before he bites again.
  8. Stay warm and loving toward him.

Likewise, why is my toddler biting me?

One of the main reasons toddlers bite is because they are feeling afraid or frustrated. When they haven't had their fill of close, relaxed time with their parents or caregivers, or when stress has risen in their lives, they may not express the fears or frustrations through natural outlets like crying and tantrums.
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