2nd November 2019


What do we mean by energy density?

'Energy density' is the amount of energy (or calories) per gram of food. Lower energy density foods provide fewer calories per gram of food – this means that you can have satisfying portions of these foods with a relatively low calorie content.

Similarly, what is meant by lighting power density?

Lighting power density is a simple screening measure that indicates whether a space offers opportunities for energy savings. Lighting Power Density (LPD) is defined as watts of lighting per square foot of room floor area (W/sf).

What is meant by specific energy?

Specific energy is energy per unit mass. (It is also sometimes called "energy density," though "energy density" more precisely means energy per unit volume.) It may also be used for the kinetic energy or potential energy of a body.

What are the specific power?

Specific power or power-to-weight ratio is a measure of performance for an engine in a vehicle or in a power plant. It is defined as the power output by it divided by its mass, typically in units of W/kg or hp/lb.
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