2nd October 2019


What do they wear under their kilts?

Wearing a kilt is quite warm even on a cold day and it is more comfortable. Not wearing underwear under a kilt is a Scottish military tradition. During the First World War, some Sergeant Majors reportedly used mirrors tied to the end of golf clubs to look up and under the kilt during inspections.

What country is known for the kilt?

Other countries that wear kilts and related garments are Wales, Australia, Canada, France, England, Greece, New Zealand, Normandy, and United States. These countries with Irish, Scottish and other European settlers still practice their ancestors' pride and glory and share it to the world.

Do Irish wear kilt?

Whilst the Scottish tradition is to wear a kilt made from your family tartan, the Irish kilt is normally worn in either plain colours or in a tartan reflecting the locality of your family origin.
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