What do the Cratchits represent?

The Cratchit family represent the 'real life' people to whom Scrooge could be kind and charitable, which for Dickens in this novel is a time of giving and generosity more than a Christian religious festival. Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's clerk, is a poor man with a large family to support.

Who is Scrooge nephew in A Christmas Carol?

Fred - Scrooge's nephew, a genial man who loves Christmas. He invites Scrooge to his Christmas party each and every year, only to be refused by his grumpy uncle.
  • Why does Belle end her relationship with Scrooge What does she say to him?

    In other words, the love of gold or money has replaced Scrooge's love for her and so she breaks off their relationship. Belle is Scrooge's former fiancée. She was visited by Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas past. When Scrooge sees Belle, he is reminded of his greed.
  • What did Scrooge's nephew ask of him?

    Scrooge's nephew barges in, wishing him a Merry Christmas. Scrooge calls Christmas a humbug, and tells his nephew he has no reason to be merry when he is so poor. Scrooge's nephew invites him to dinner tomorrow. Scrooge asks why he got married, and then scoffs when the nephew says he fell in love.
  • Is Scrooge based on a true story?

    Perhaps Dickens' best-known character is Ebenezer Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol -who, it turns out, was inspired by a real person. John Elwes (1714-1789) was born John Meggot. He was orphaned at an early age.

How does Scrooge's nephew feel about him?

Fred, Scrooge's nephew, is a kind character who only feels pity for Scrooge. He says, "I couldn't be angry with him if I tried." He feels that Scrooge doesn't hurt anyone with his miserly and isolated behavior but himself.
  • Who is the clerk in A Christmas Carol?

    Bob Cratchit is a fictional character in the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. The abused, underpaid clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge (and possibly Jacob Marley, when he was still alive), Cratchit has come to symbolize poor working conditions, especially long working hours.
  • Who is the employee of the Scrooge?

    Ebenezer Scrooge, the cold hearted, miserable character of Charles Dickens' 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol, was a very demanding boss. His catchphrase, "Bah, humbug!" suggested he was not only inconsiderate, but unlikable, too. Bob Cratchit, his only employee, was a very hard working employee, but clearly disengaged.
  • Which spirit does not speak to Scrooge?

    A Christmas Carol Answer Key Play This Game
    The Ghosts
    #1Which of the spirits does not speak to Scrooge?The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
    #4What is around The Ghost Of Christmas Present's waist?A green belt with a rusted sheath
    #5What is the Ghost of Christmas Present's throne made of?Food

What was Tiny Tim's illness?

Dickens did not explicitly say what Tiny Tim's illness was. However, renal tubular acidosis (type 1), which is a type of kidney failure causing the blood to become acidic, has been proposed as one possibility, another being rickets (caused by a lack of vitamin D).
  • What is the symbolic meaning of Scrooge?

    Scrooge represents greed and In the beginning of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge symbolizes the part of the upper class which is concerned only with themselves and the amount of money they can make.
  • Why does Scrooge not like Christmas?

    Scrooge does not like Christmas because he has many negative memories associated with it. When Scrooge is talking to Fred and the men collecting for charity, he tells them all kinds of reasons why he hates Christmas. It costs him money because his employees get a day off.
  • What does the Scrooge do for a living?

    The reason Ebenezer Scrooge was so rich was that he made his living lending other people money and charging interest. He worked in a counting house, and he owned the counting house because it was just him and Bob Cratchit.

Updated: 20th September 2018

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