18th November 2019


What did the Northwest Coast Native Americans wear?

The people of the Northwest Coast wore very little clothing, except when it was cold. In the warmer months, men would often go naked, and women would only wear bark skirts. The women made most of the clothing out of softened cedar wood or bark, animal leather, and wool.

What kind of food did the natives eat?

One important food that these farming people ate was succotash, which was a kind of stew made of lima beans, corn, meat, and bear fat. People also ate roasted or boiled corn on the cob, popcorn, bean soup and squash soup. A lot of the food Americans eat today is the same as Native American food.

What did the Pacific Northwest use for tools?

Most tools that the Northwest Coast people used were made out of cedar wood, stone, and shells. Sledgehammers for splitting wood were made out of stone. For hunting they used bows and arrows, snares, deadfalls, and harpoons. For fishing they used nets, underwater traps, bone and wood hooks, and harpoons.
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