2nd October 2019


What did the ancient Romans invent?

They invented quite a few things themselves. Architecture: The ancient Romans developed many new techniques for buildings and construction of all types including concrete, Roman roads, Roman arches, and aqueducts. Public Health Programs: The Romans were great believers in healthy living.

Hereof, how did the ancient Romans make cement?

They found that the Romans made concrete by mixing lime and volcanic rock to form a mortar. To build underwater structures, this mortar and volcanic tuff were packed into wooden forms.

What revolutionary building material did the Romans invent?

But combining a mortar with an aggregate like brick to make concrete was likely a Roman invention, Perucchio says. In the earliest concretes, Romans mined ash from a variety of ancient volcanic deposits. But builders got picky around the time Augustus became the first Roman emperor, in 27 B.C.
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