2nd October 2019


What did merchants trade in ancient Egypt?

ODYSSEY/Egypt/People. Egypt was one of the wealthiest countries in the ancient world. Egyptian merchants (actually, they were more like traders) carried products such as gold, papyrus made into writing paper or twisted into rope, linen cloth, and jewelry to other countries.

In this manner, where did medieval merchants travel?

As the peasants toiled in the field and the lords made merry in their castles, the merchants in the middle ages were busy travelling across the Mediterranean and Europe. They went as far as Spain, England, France, Russia and Scandinavia as well as Asia.

What did merchants eat in the Middle Ages?

Medieval merchants used a little bench as a table to eat their food. Merchants did not have any tv or radio to let them know what's going on around them. Depending on the merchant for fruit they ate from local trees and bushes. Home grown vegetables or herbs were the only vegetables they had.

What did the merchants wear in the Middle Ages?

The coats would be of a bright color and could have a trim of fox fur. A belt with a purse attached was worn. To keep warm the merchant class wore stockings or tights. The merchants wore shoes with long tips, which used to be so long sometimes that they had to be fastened to the knees with jeweled chains.
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