What determines the physical and chemical properties of an atom?

An element and its place within the periodic table are derived from this concept. When an atom is generally electrically neutral, the atomic number will equal the number of electrons in the atom, which can be found around the core. These electrons mainly determine the chemical behaviour of an atom.

What are some physical properties of mercury the planet?

Mercury's physical characteristics. Because the planet is so close to the sun, Mercury's surface temperature can reach a scorching 840 degrees Fahrenheit (450 degrees Celsius).
  • What is the true color of the planet Mercury?

    Planets have the colors that they have because of what they are made of and how their surfaces or atmospheres reflect and absorb sunlight. Mercury has a dark gray, rocky surface which is covered with a thick layer of dust. The surface is thought to be made up of igneous silicate rocks and dust.
  • How is the planet Mercury?

    Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Along with Venus, Earth, and Mars, Mercury is one of the rocky planets. It has a solid surface that is covered with craters. It has a thin atmosphere, and it doesn't have any moons.
  • What is the age of the planet Mercury?

    approximately 4.6 billion years

Updated: 6th December 2019

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