29th June 2020


What days do you fly the flag in 2020?

WebCal.fi » Flag days 2020
Flag DaySunday06/14/2020
Independence DaySaturday07/04/2020
Korean War Veterans DayMonday07/27/2020
Labor DayMonday09/07/2020

Likewise, what days do you fly the flag in 2019?

Flag Flying Holidays
Flag Flying HolidayDate
Peace Officers Day (Half-Staff All Day)May 15th
Armed Forces Day3rd Sunday in May
Memorial Day (Half-Staff Until Noon)Last Monday in May
D-DayJune 6th

Also to know, what are the flag holidays?

All About The Flag » Flag Holidays
New Year's Day – January 1Flag Day – June 14
Washington's Birthday – 3rd Monday in FebruaryConstitution Day – September 17
Easter Sunday – Variable DatesColumbus Day – 2nd Monday in October
Mother's Day – 2nd Sunday in MayNavy Day – October 27

Is today a day to fly the flag?

(d) The flag should be displayed on all days, especially on New Year's Day, January 1; Inauguration Day, January 20; Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, the third Monday in January; Lincoln's Birthday, February 12; Washington's Birthday, third Monday in February; National Vietnam War Veterans Day, March 29, Easter

What holidays do you fly the flag at half mast?

Days to fly the American Flag at Half Staff:
May 15thPeace Officers Memorial Day (half staff all day)
Last Monday in MayMemorial Day (half-staff until noon)
September 11thPatriot Day (half staff all day)
December 7thPearl Harbor Remembrance Day (half staff all day)
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