What counts as a scholarly source?

A scholarly publication is one in which the content is written by experts in a particular field of study - generally for the purpose of sharing original research or analyzing others' findings. Scholarly work will thoroughly cite all source materials used and is usually subject to "peer review" prior to publication.

Why is a scholarly article important?

Scholarly articles are the most credible sources you can find because of the rigorous peer-review process. They are thoroughly researched, which means you can “mine” the article's bibliography to find other sources that might be useful for your paper.
  • Why is it important for an article to be peer reviewed?

    Peer review means that a board of scholarly reviewers in the subject area of the journal, review materials they publish for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal, before articles are accepted for publication.
  • What is considered a credible source?

    Credible sources are ones the reader can trust. We trust that the author's ideas are his or her own and can be backed up with evidence. When writing a research paper, doing research, or reading for background information, writers should ALWAYS use a credible source.
  • Why are sources important in writing?

    To be a responsible scholar by giving credit to other researchers and acknowledging their ideas. To avoid plagiarism by quoting words and ideas used by other authors. To allow your reader to track down the sources you used by citing them accurately in your paper by way of footnotes, a bibliography or reference list.

What is a scholarly peer review?

Scholarly peer review (also known as refereeing) is the process of subjecting an author's scholarly work, research, or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field, before a paper describing this work is published in a journal, conference proceedings or as a book.
  • Is Sage journal peer reviewed?

    SAGE has been publishing quality journals since 1965. We ensure that the same high standards of rigorous peer review are employed on its OA journals as are used on its subscription journals. Each journal will have a peer review policy clearly outlined in its Submission Guidelines.
  • Are books peer reviewed sources?

    "Peer review" is the editorial process that scholarly articles go through before they are published in a journal. Since books go through a different editorial process before publication, they aren't peer reviewed. They can be still be good scholarly sources, though.
  • What is a scholarly journal article?

    Articles from scholarly journals, also called peer-reviewed, academic, refereed, or professional journals, are often required or strongly recommended by faculty at the university level for use in writing research papers and projects.

Updated: 19th October 2018

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