26th November 2019


What Colour is Live Wire UK?

How have wiring colours changed in the UK? The neutral black has been replaced by blue. The line red and has been replaced by brown. The earth is still identified by green and yellow.

Likewise, is brown wire live?

Note: The Yellow/Green wire (Earth) needs to be slightly longer than the blue (Neutral) and Brown (Live) wires, in order to reach the top terminal. It is better to have the cables slightly longer than necessary and cut them to the correct length than try to stretch cables to make them reach the terminals.

Is Brown live in a plug?

The Plug. They can usually be pushed completely out of the plug. Clamp connectors have a screw top which is used to clamp the wire in place. The connectors should also be marked - they may have the words Live, Neutral and Earth (or just the letters L, N and E) or have brown, blue and green coloured markings.
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