26th October 2019


What color tungsten do you use for stainless steel?

THORIATED Tungsten Color Code RED, YELLOW, MAUVE or ORANGE, is best suited for DC Tig welding applications. 2% Thoriated, Red, AWS Class EWTH-2, DC welding applications. The most common type of electrode used today. Applications: carbon & stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium.

Just so, what kind of gas is used to TIG weld stainless steel?

This two component argon and hydrogen mixture is the preferred gas mixture for manual TIG welding of austenitic grades of stainless steels. The addition of hydrogen to the shielding gas helps to scavenge oxygen close to the weld pool giving a very clean weld surface, minimising the need for any post weld cleaning.

What does it take to weld stainless steel?

With both these stainless steel gas mixes the minor gases in the blend are required to provide good arc starting characteristics. Therefore, you do not want to use a completely inert shielding gas, such as 100% helium or 100% argon for stainless steel MIG welding. The arc characterisitcs would be poor.
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