26th November 2019


What color shoes to wear with pants?

What Colour Shoes to wear with Trousers
  • Black and black.
  • Black and brown are a great combo.
  • Navy trousers can be teamed with both black and brown shoes.
  • Grey trousers and brown shoes allow the warm and cool tones to mix.
  • Chinos can be teamed with formal and casual shoes.
  • Socks are essential to finish off your look.

Similarly, you may ask, what color goes with khaki pants?

Neutrals are colors that can be matched to any other color. These colors are black, white, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, brown, gray, etc. If you opt for such a combination, you can wear for example a light pink shirt with a pair of brown pants or a pair of light gray pants with shirt in a dark purple.

What shoes to wear with men's khaki pants?

  • Chino's can be worn relaxed or for smart situations.
  • Men wearing suede loafers.
  • Men's chinos and loafer's are ideal for a summery day.
  • A chunky pair of brogues will create an alternative, edgy look.
  • You can really dress up a pair of chino's with some good accessories.
  • Converse is always a good option when wearing chino's.
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