What color car shows the least amount of dirt?

Matt DeWolf, spokesman for the International Carwash Association, says that the midtone pewter and silver-colored vehicles are the best grime-hiding hues. Black is the worse at dirt display, mirroring the muck, and high-contrast white also does a bad job of showing it off. So going gray or silver is the way to go.

Which color car has the least accidents?

The visibility of grey, silver, red and blue cars can also be poor. A study in New Zealand also looked at the link between car colour and accident rates. It too concluded that black cars were the most accident prone. But it found that silver was the safest colour – contradicting the other research.
  • What is the safest Colour to have a car in?

    White is the colour that is statistically the safest – hardly surprising considering that it is also the most visible on the road. Darker colours however, are the least visible during daylight – silver, blue, red and black are more likely to blend into the dark coloured roads.
  • Which color car gets pulled over the most?

    Urban legend says that red is the color that gets pulled over more often, but red actually came in second place in this study. The top color is white, with gray and silver coming in third and fourth place, respectively. It seems like flashy-colored cars don't get pulled over as often as we think.
  • What is the most popular color in the world?

    The most popular color in the world is blue. The second favorite colors are red and green, followed by orange, brown and purple. Yellow is the least favorite color, preferred by only five percent of people. Another interesting survey finding: both men and women increasingly dislike orange as they age!

Which color of car is best?

Silver and black round out the top three color choices and medium/dark gray advanced 5% last year to take fifth place.
  • White - 19.3%
  • Silver - 18%
  • Black - 12.4%
  • Med. Dark Blue - 11.4%
  • Med. Dark Gray - 7.5%
  • Med. Red - 7.1%
  • Med. Dark Green - 6.7%
  • Light Brown - 5.1%
  • What is the most popular color for a car?

    In a world full of color, most people prefer black and white—at least when it comes to cars. For a second consecutive year, white is the most popular color for new cars, according to the 2012 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report. Black, silver, gray and red round out the top five.
  • What is the most popular car in America?

    10 Most Cars: Here Are the Bestselling Cars in America for 2015
    • Chevrolet Cruze (193,680 sold)
    • Hyundai Elantra (209,830 sold)
    • Ford Fusion (255,143 sold)
    • Honda Civic (277,538 sold)
    • Nissan Altima (283,372 sold)
    • Honda Accord (294,935 sold)
    • Toyota Corolla (306,693 sold)
    • Toyota Camry (361,111 sold)
  • What is the most popular car color in Florida?

    In Florida, they like gold. Silver remained the most popular color in the U.S. this year for the ninth year in a row, according to data released this month by Pittsburgh-based paint maker PPG Industries Inc. Twenty percent of U.S. cars are silver. White finished second and black was third.

Which Colour car is easiest to keep clean?

You can't go wrong with white, silver, shades of gray and other light colors. They are the easiest to take care of. Days to weeks of dust hardly show up unless you happen to get rained on. On the other hand, black, red and some shades of pearl and metallic paint are the most difficult to keep clean.
  • What color stays the coolest?

    White, silver, and other light colors are coolest, reflecting about 60 percent of sunlight but there are dark "cool" colors that can also stay cooler than traditional dark colors.
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Updated: 24th August 2018

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