2nd October 2019


What clothes keep you cool?

8 Stylish Secrets to Staying Cool During the Heatwave
  • Damn, it is hot as hell outside.
  • Long-flowing, loose-fitting garments actually keep you cooler than shorts.
  • Wear textured fabrics.
  • Undershirts.
  • Embrace light colors.
  • Don't wear a hat, unless it's a straw one.
  • Put a bandanna in your back pocket.
  • Don't wear light blue.

Keeping this in consideration, do black clothes make you hotter?

They say the key there is thickness. The outer layer of fabric does get hotter because the black color absorbs more heat. And that heat doesn't get transmitted to the skin because of the thick fabric. But thin black clothing transmits that heat to the skin, making a person hotter.

Why is black cooler than white?

The black clothing absorbs both solar radiation and radiation from the body. The air in the immediate vicinity is heated, then efficiently transported away by the wind. This is slightly better than white fluffy/loose fitting clothing, which reflects more sunlight and radiation from the body.

Why is it better to wear light colored clothing in the summer?

Why Do We Wear Light Clothes in Summer? Light-colored clothing reflects light and dark-colored clothing absorbs it. The more heat that is absorbed the hotter the clothing is and the hotter you are. Furthermore, light-colored clothing looks softer and cooler.
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