22nd October 2018


What causes ascites?

Ascites is most often caused by liver scarring. This increases pressure inside the liver's blood vessels. The increased pressure can force fluid into the abdominal cavity, causing ascites. Liver damage is the single biggest risk factor for ascites.

Also question is, how do you treat ascites?

Treatment of Ascites
  1. A low-sodium diet and bed rest.
  2. Diuretics.
  3. Removal of ascitic fluid (therapeutic paracentesis)
  4. Sometimes surgery to reroute blood flow (portosystemic shunting) or liver transplantation.
  5. For spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, antibiotics.

Is ascites fatal?

Ascites is usually caused by portal hypertension, but it can result from other conditions. Swelling can also occur in the arms and legs and in the spleen. Although ascites itself is not fatal, it is a marker for severe progression. Infection of this fluid, called peritonitis, can be deadly.

What is the prognosis for someone with ascites?

In general, the prognosis of malignant ascites is poor. Most cases have a mean survival time between 20 to 58 weeks, depending on the type of malignancy as shown by a group of investigators. Ascites due to cirrhosis usually is a sign of advanced liver disease and it usually has a fair prognosis.
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