6th October 2019


What can I use as a substitute for watercress?

I find that I can usually substitute arugula/rocket/roquette for watercress. It's not as crunchy, but the taste is similarly sharp. Nasturtium leaves, too, make a good substitute.

Thereof, what can I use as a substitute for arugula?

Substitute for Arugula.
Watercress, baby spinach leaves, dandelion greens, radicchio.

What is rocket on a menu?

Rocket is a very 'English' leaf, and has been used in salads since Elizabethan times. It has a strong, peppery flavour, and the leaves have a slight 'bite' to them. If you see 'rucola' or 'arugula' for sale or on a restaurant menu - it's the same thing.

Are rocket and Arugula the same?

Rocket salad's botanical name is Eruca sativa or E. vesicaria. Rocket salad's common names are “arugula”, rocket arugula, rocket, rucola, rucoli, rugula, and roquette. Arugula has a weaker peppery flavor than wild arugula.
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