2nd October 2019


What can I feed my ants?

In general ants eat dead or live insects and a mix of water and sugar (or water and honey). Some species eat seeds, like the harvester ant Messor barbarus, next to their insects and their sugar-water. Now and then you can feed your ants also fruit, a piece of meat, pollen or syrup.

Moreover, how do ants get their water?

The water is drawn up through capillary action, or wicking. Truth be told, ants don't go to the watering hole that often. Like many insects they get most of the water they need through the food they eat. Or in the case of mosquitoes, what they bite.

How do you take care of an ant farm?

Just a few crumbs will hold them for a while, believe me. Suitable foods are: a few drops of sugar water, jam, honey, bread or cake crumbs, bits of bread soaked in sugar water, tiny pieces of fruit etc. You will also need to water your ant farm so your ants do not die.

Do you have to feed ants in an ant farm?

Know that if you have a Gel Colony, you will not have to feed or water your ants. The Gel provides the ants all the sustenance they need to survive. However, if you have a Sand farm, give your ants two to three water droplets of bottled spring water every other day. Once a week, drop in just one tiny crumb of bread.
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