2nd October 2019


What can I do to get contractions started?

Also as the baby prepares and lowers in the mother's body, it puts pressure on the cervix causing a release in the hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin is a very important hormone for labor and delivery. It thins and dilates the cervix, causes contractions, and moves the baby down and out of the birth canal.

Hereof, what triggers labor hormones?

Oxytocin, along with other hormones, stimulates ripening of the cervix leading to successive dilation during labour. Oxytocin, with the help of the high levels of oestrogen, causes the release of a group of hormones, known as prostaglandins, which may play a role in ripening of the cervix.

What does the baby release to start labor?

1. The baby starts everything! When your baby is ready to be born, he or she will secrete a hormone called CRH (cortico-releasing hormone) which sends a chemical signal to your placenta. The increased estrogen production by your placenta also promotes the release of prostaglandins by the amniotic membranes.
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