21st November 2019


What can cause seizures?

There are three broad categories of seizure causes: Epileptic seizures – People with epilepsy have a type of brain dysfunction that intermittently causes episodes of abnormal electrical activity. This can be caused by any type of brain injury, such as trauma, stroke, brain infection, or a brain tumor.

Can you have a seizure from anxiety?

Anxiety Can Cause Seizures in Those With Epilepsy. If you have already been diagnosed as epileptic then yes, anxiety can cause seizures. Severe stress is a very common seizure trigger, and those with severe anxiety often experience severe stress. They may also have panic attacks as a response to pregnancy or stress.

What disorders can cause seizures?

Unprovoked seizures have what are considered natural causes, such as genetic factors or metabolic imbalances in your body. “Provoked” seizures are triggered by a specific event like a brain injury or stroke. To be diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, you need to have at least two unprovoked seizures.
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