25th November 2019


What are the three main network topologies?

First of all let's define what a topology is- Simply put, a topology is the layout of a network. There are really three basic types of topologies. They are Star, Bus, and Ring.

People also ask, what is the most common type of network topology?

A Star network is one of the most common computer network topologies. In its simplest form, a star network consists of one central hub which acts as a conduit to transmit messages. In star topology, every host is connected to a central hub.

Which network topology is the most fault tolerant?

In a mesh topology, all devices are connected directly to every other device on the network. If one link fails, there is always another available. It is the most fault-tolerant network topology. A hierarchical star is a variation of the standard star and is not considered a fault-tolerant implementation.

Which topology uses the terminators?

(1) A device attached to the end-points of a bus network or daisy-chain. The purpose of the terminator is to absorb signals so that they do not reflect back down the line. Ethernet networks require a terminator at both ends of the bus, and SCSI chains require a single terminator at the end of the chain.
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